New law school clinic serves immigrant needs
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Duke University

New law school clinic serves immigrant needs

Duke Law School is on the cutting edge of legal scholarship, service and education.

One of the ways it is does so is through its legal clinics, which allow students to work for a teaching law firm with a public interest mission. This important work challenges Duke Law students and strengthens them as lawyers. 

The Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation gave $1.5 million to establish the new Immigration Rights Clinic at Duke Law School. When the school’s 11th clinic launches in fall 2019, it will help students develop critical professional skills and deepen their knowledge, while providing free legal services to immigrants – primarily individuals seeking asylum or facing deportation – who could not otherwise afford a lawyer. 

“Duke Law is committed to preparing students to be problem-solvers and to accept the challenge of leadership. Given the current divides over the issue of immigration, this is a place where we hope our students, as well as the clinic’s faculty, will be able to help make a difference,” said Andrew Foster, a clinical professor of law and director of experiential education and clinical programs at Duke.