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Duke University

Best of Both Worlds: The Physician-Scientist

Translating research discoveries into patient treatments is challenging work.

It’s rare that someone possesses deep understanding of both research and care in order to achieve breakthroughs in medicine. But at Duke, the Medical Scientist Training Program has a special track of 10 remarkable students who are training to do just that. This makes them extremely valued in the workforce post-graduation. Shree Bose is one of these stellar students pursuing an M.D. and a Ph.D. in the program.

After a life dedicated to science, Bose sees a hybridization of being able to act as both a physician and as a basic science researcher as the best career outcome. Her passion for collaboration is fueling unlimited opportunities for her now as a medical student.  

“Half of science is about convincing the world that what you’re working on matters. I want to be making the discoveries that help people live better lives,” she said.