Faculty Support
Faculty Support
President Price looking into a microscope.

Giving to -

shape curiosity that leads to change.

Duke faculty are among the most respected in their fields. Gifts to endow professorships help spread faculty influence beyond Duke through their research, scholarship and teaching and, ultimately, through the difference that their students make at Duke — and after they leave.

Where everyone matters

Simply put, a world-class university without diversity cannot claim to be world-class. At Duke, we’re committed to being a place where everyone can be seen, including our faculty members. Beginning in 2020, Duke pledged to become an anti-racist university — by creating an environment in which everyone in the Duke community wants to stay. Because seeing and supporting one another is what makes us world-class.

Something that’s really nice about Duke is that there is this real appreciation for research and for quality teaching, and the boundaries between those areas are really fluid – or even nonexistent at times.

– Amy Herring, Sara and Charles Ayres Professor of Statistical Science & Global Health