Duke students in classroom
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Computational Thinking is for Everyone

Duke’s Center for Computational Thinking enables computational education throughout the university.

As a first-year Duke student working towards a career in medicine, Benjamin Asomani was curious about computer science and coding, but wary of diving into coursework without prior exposure to the field. At the suggestion of another student, he participated in the summer 2021 Code+ program, learning CSS and HTML skills as part of an applied group project, while confirming his interest in computer science. This semester, Asomani has begun coursework for a minor in computer science to complement his planned major in biology.

“The hands-on learning was a good way to be introduced to coding. I liked the process of making and building something for a project and having instructors who could help us review our work and spot mistakes,” said Asomani, who finished the program feeling confident about his abilities in CSS and HTML.