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Gift showcases student research

More than 50% of Duke students engage in undergraduate research. It is a cornerstone of a Duke education that helps students develop critical thinking skills and analytical reasoning. 

Until “Visible Thinking: Duke Journal of Undergraduate Research” was created, Duke lacked a dedicated venue to express that work — something both inward and outward facing to showcase the remarkable work of undergraduates each year. 

The journal, which profiles research from undergraduates working across all of Duke’s schools, departments, interdisciplinary units, and collaborative research programs such as Bass Connections, does just that. Students must have a faculty endorsement to submit work to the journal, ensuring that students have a faculty mentor throughout their research process.

A $500,000 endowed gift from Kenneth and Shari Eberts ’90 supports “Visible Thinking.” The Eberts’ gift was matched by $250,000 from the Bass Connections Challenge fund.