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Making science and technology an "evergreen philanthropic priority" at Duke

The Duke Discovery Fund, bolstered by an anonymous $1.6 million-gift, will provide rare flexible funding for the sciences. A double-Duke couple recently directed their anonymous gift to the fund.

As Duke heads into its second century, the university wants to elevate its long-standing excellence in the sciences with a historic fundraising effort designed to support, attract and retain top faculty. Duke Science and Technology (DST) is that signature effort.

And a transformative feature of DST is the newly created Duke Discovery Fund.

That’s because it is designed to become a source of flexible funding, a rarity at most research universities. With the fund’s creation, science and technology at Duke becomes an evergreen philanthropic priority.

“The Duke Discovery Fund gives us a leg up on the science and technology initiative,” says Duke Provost Sally Kornbluth. “We often have access to restricted funds, but this kind of flexible funding for the sciences is rare and allows us to take quick action to keep things moving forward.”