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Q&A with Fuqua: Andrea Chan M.B.A.'98

For Andrea Chan M.B.A.'98, the Fuqua experience was about support, collaboration, education, lasting friendships, and, of course, fun. 

1. Tell us about yourself. What have you been up to since graduating from Fuqua, and what do you do professionally?

Since graduating from Fuqua, I have spent all of my professional time in consulting. I am currently a client lead with Neudesic, LLC (an IBM company), working with clients to design and implement cloud-based solutions to drive improved performance and insight.

2. As a co-chair member of the Keller Society Leadership Circle, what do your duties include?

As a co-chair of the Keller Society Leadership Circle, I get to represent Fuqua and the Keller Society to fellow alumni. Duties include working with my co-chairs and Fuqua to build up awareness of the Leadership Circle and encourage alumni and friends of the school to consider contributing at the Leadership Circle level. Why did I decide to engage with Fuqua through this role? Fuqua is a preeminent business school that competes with other schools with much larger budgets and endowments. I believe in Fuqua's future, and I aim to dedicate my support in a meaningful and lasting way.

3. The Fuqua Annual Fund offers support to many areas including scholarships, faculty research, student experiences, and program development. Which of these areas are you most passionate about and why?

It is difficult to prioritize just one, but if I had to choose, it would be scholarships. Providing a financial incentive to matriculate at Duke and helping to reduce the economic barriers in joining Team Fuqua is a beautiful thing!

4. What would you say to other alumni who are considering joining the Keller Society?

Every contribution makes a difference! I invite you all to join the wonderful members of the Keller Society in supporting Fuqua's future as a competitive and premier business school!

5. What does Team Fuqua mean to you?

Support, collaboration, education, lasting friendships, and fun!